Private loans – what is it?

I think each of us is aware of what loans are. We borrow money from both banks and non-banking companies. In this context, the concept of private loans also often appears. What does it refer to?

A private loan is a loan that we receive from a private individual. It can be someone you know and someone you do not know. We can borrow smaller loans without signing the contract, but if we want to borrow several hundred zlotys, we should sign a contract in which we will write down the most important information about who, how much and on what terms borrow money.

For a private loan, we can go to friends and family. Usually, we will borrow at no extra cost, that is, we will simply give back just as much as we borrowed. Of course, everything depends here on our individual arrangements with the other person. When it comes to private loans provided by people who are not familiar with us, the matter is different.

Where can I get a private loan, not from my family?

If we do not want or do not have the opportunity to take a private loan from someone we know, we can go to a bank or a loan company. We can choose between payday loans or installment loans, which can be drawn from several hundred to even tens of thousands zlotys and more, depending on our creditworthiness. We can also choose private loans , which are offered by other people who want to earn it. Currently, they are most often offered through special social websites.

Private loans offered by such services are also called social loans. How it’s working? The principle is quite simple. We register on the site and undergo a special verification. Then we prepare our loan auction. In which we enter information about how much and for how long we want to borrow money. Then, when our offer arouses interest, willing people will come forward. They are people who earn money by borrowing money. Then they “add” their loan funds to us and then, if we collect a sum of money from one or many lenders, we can get it.

Of course, private loans can be obtained directly from private individuals. We often find such offers in newspapers or on bulletin boards. Remember, however, that it is better not to use them, because there is a risk that we will find cheaters. It may turn out that the loan will have huge fees or we will not be told exactly about its terms.

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